[15/52] All Marketers Are Liars – By Seth Godin

[15/52] All Marketers Are Liars – By Seth Godin

When I started reading Seth Godin’s Purple Cow, I had no idea what I would learn from it. A few chapters later I realised the importance of making something remarkable – The Purple Cow. The Purple Cow will give you insights on how to make your product or service remarkable.

In the book, All Marketers Are Liars Seth Godin brings out the importance of telling stories. We all believe is stories and are most often take decisions on the worldviews we believe. Our worldview is the reason we trust brands, or we don’t. We may have different brands of mobile, but we pick one brand whose story is believable to us. We may think it’s the mobile features we base our decisions. But in reality, we only believe a story told by the brand.

Being authentic about the story you tell about your product or service is helps you makes profits. Don’t just tell a story because it sounds cool. You need live that story, and your customers must get the story with every interaction they have with you. You know you are doing it right when the spreads and people start telling it to others.

It makes sense, Storytelling is the oldest form of marketing, and it still works today. Although this book is about marketers, the content of the book works for a person who wants to stand out in this competitive world. We need to brand out selves and tell a story about ourselves while being authentic about it. If we all tried to behave in a similar way, we would just become mediocre.

I suggest you read this book get a good understanding of why stories are important and the need of it being authentic.

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