Month: May 2014

The imagery journey of the imaginary world that exists not to the normal

The imagery journey of the imaginary world that exists not to the normal

My throat feels as if it is inside out. I know the meaning of this, but it’s not easy to explain this thing to someone else. I thought I would be harsh and call them a bunch retards trying to act all caring like parents do. But this is not how it is supposed to be as we are in a sane “Society” where anyone behaving weirdly is treated as an outcast. If I am acting weird so shall you to support me and not stop me. But again you all care for me, so chill madi. And you thought I would go on on cribbing about this. 

You guys are the best so next time learn the logic to be stupid with me. Now that I think of it, small children feel the same way as I did when I was high, trying to kill creativity. Parents should let their children explore stupidness(I know this word does not exist, lest I created this word ) in order for them to realize what are the choices and consequences are. My mind went blank before I could write the next line. This story is getting interesting now, you must be wondering what the fuck is this guy writing. But wait, you read all books which eventually make sense. This is my genre, it is called “High Writing” read it just like any other book and you will start understanding the beauty of this kind of writing. You can appreciate music whose composition was done when people were high. Why cannot you accept this genre a new style and read this book. Now lets get back to the central theme of the imagery. 

I just realized not that mother tongue is not decided by your parental heritage but decided with the language you spend more time with. I can say proudly I truly appreciate Telugu music. Telugu is not my mother tongue but I have learnt to appreciate both Oriya and Telugu and their variants. I am proud of this accomplishment unlike other say “I like this song in this language but my language is … “. Dude just learn to appreciate the other language as much as you do yours then you have the true choice about your language. How can anybody compare 2 languages when their origins are different. We simply cannot. I am listening to Telugu songs which are as good as any other songs in any other  language. 

I have always found people who have a sense of sarcasm are more in deep shit than the ones being on the other end. The word sarcasm is derived from the Greek word “sarkazein” which literally means “to tear or strip the flesh off.” Hence, no wonder that sarcasm is often preceded by the word “cutting” and that it hurts. The more sarcasm you show the more insecurities you have. Sarcasm should be used. The level or frequency of its usage decides the level of insecurities. I am glad that I could watch a lot of good movies which subconsciously act as a part of life and we don’t even realize it that we are being played by it. The kind of movies you watch definitely impacts what life you are living. Happy movies make your life idealistic but then the other way makes it different which you may not like. But this is then a vicious circle cause the mood defines your choice of movie and then your choice of movie defines the way one looks at life. 

A normal human mind is moulded to react negatively to everything and branch it as EGO. The simple fact remains the same that you have already got a scar in your thoughts which you know is bothering you but you will not admit. How stupid is that. The simple fact is if you let it go at that moment and seamlessly you are free from another stupid thought which impacts your day to day life. I have written enough now cause the speed of which I am thinking clearly does not match the speed of my typing. Peace.