Month: August 2014

Experience through natural stimulation

Experience through natural stimulation

I have always been convinced that we need not really experience something by doing it. Our brain has the capability of stimulating that experience and reach a conclusion. This does not mean we stop trying out real experiences. All I want to point out is that there ways to stimulate any sort of experience sometimes by listening to others and intuitively guessing how things work. We can never really figure out a concrete method of stimulating new experiences.

When we do something we do something unknowingly/sub consciously, we have already stimulated the experience. Sometimes we stimulate that experience just to be confident.

This Ted talk validates the method of how I have trained myself to stimulate various experiences. Yet realize the potential of real experiences.

My First Painting !

My First Painting !


I have always wanted to paint but procrastinated it as I did not know what I would draw. Why I wanted to paint was a question I could not answer myself. I just wanted to do it. I chose oil painting after going through many ways to paint, as it went well with my state of thinking and reasoning. I chose a few handful of brushes and knew at the time of buying it how would these brushes help me handle the colors. With a little discomfort I bought them anyways else how would I paint !!!

After days of staring at the blank canvas I decided to pick up the brushes and paint. With the knowledge I had gathered from random sources I took the yellow color and started to paint it all over the canvas. Suggested color to make the base was white but I chose yellow as I needed white to mix with other colors. And yes I had the limitation of using only 12 colors.

What I painted was with forced opinion from what I have heard from others but wanted to make it original so combined one of my ideas with the painting to generate the first draft of the painting. The mask on this is not a painted. It still made some art and I used it as my FB logo for my fan page. The painting looked like an excel icon generate when you have number in text format in a cell. I did not paint it with an intention of relating it to Excel but I generated this idea while I was trying to bullshit about the beauty of the painting. For your information I was had no clue what the painting even meant and did not even like what I painted. The first draft looked weird but was useful.

TheMask Now many more days went into staring at the painting and the thought of what to paint. Every conversation I had with my friends I was mocked about the painting. I was very determined to paint and make my first painting the best as per the imagination I had in mind. The first draft was painted using brushes which had now dried up as the brushes were not for oil painting. Epic fail.

I thought of the final idea of the painting when I was high on the terrace with couple of my friends. One of them had pointed out how my fingers are magical and rather called it magical hands. Bingo ! I now thought of utilizing my fingers to paint and the idea of just painting with my fingers was very special and fascinating for me. I waited for a few days and had decided to paint when I was completely frustrated and needed to cool down. The day arrived, I was in a complete ambivalent mood and came home only to be reminded my mother to paint. I talked to a  friend and abruptly started painting.

I kept putting the colors on the canvas and kept moving my fingers on the canvas till I saw the beauty of the paint unfold. I let go my fear of messing up and followed my heart to paint. I went on for 3 hours. Being imperfect also has its beauty as I messed up many times while moving my fingers. But then let trusted my fingers to do their job. I just painted the way that felt 100% I am doing it. The final product was out and I was scared to share it initially but then started sharing it as I had done it with all my heart in it.

The painting had parts of you and my friends. It had the colors anyone could not imagine. I had a story to tell. I wanted to express my appreciation of beauty. I wanted to appreciate the time spent. I wanted to get free. I wanted to explore my way. I wanted to learn. I wanted to express my feelings. I wanted to be abstract to show what I cannot express. There was a bird. A shadow. I love yellow, blue, red, white and black. The feeling to be with. The fear of loosing someone. Filled with frustration. I painted the “Layered Thoughts guided my Magical Hands”.