Month: February 2016

Our Trek Guide was a Boss !

Our Trek Guide was a Boss !

My brother signed me up for a Trek at the Sharavathi Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. He had visited this valley with an experience he will never forget. The forest was one of a kind experience for me as it was unexplored and serene. Apart from the beauty I experience during the trek, my thoughts went to thinking about the guides. We wore proper trek shoes and fitting shorts or pants while the guides wore a pair of chappals and dhoti.

The guide cut through the forest without damaging it much and kept in led us through the whole trek without a single drop of water or even getting tired. He had to sometimes wait for others to catch up before he could proceed again.


There another guy who carried all our lunch equipment along with us. He too was nothing less than a strong man but very skinny. He also wore chappals. Both of them were simply showed us how insignificant our life troubles could be when compared to these guys.


And what can I say about the lunch we had in the middle of the forest. It was simply superb and taste I will remember forever.


Also, I met the crab, being a Cancerian this wild miniature guy was spectacular to watch.

Wild Crab
Wild Crab

Can’t wait to come across another such experience.