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38 Vlogs and still determined

38 Vlogs and still determined

One of my new year resolutions was to make 365 vlogs for my YouTube Channel called Lifeaholic. I decided to document my journey in the form of video. I was not prepared or had a basic plan in mind of what content I am going to put. But I was sure I wanted to post videos on how I live my passion and how I am making time for things I love.

I finally completed 38 vlogs!

Check out my 38th Vlog ->

It was not easy recording or editing vlogs for days when I go out of the station. Various factors came into play. Factors such as:

  1. Getting tired
  2. Getting conscious
  3. Too much editing
  4. Other priorities take over
  5. Mismanaged time
  6. Lack of creativity when you need it
  7. Laziness
  8. Going out of station
  9. Others

When you are determined, you will bypass all these hurdles and find a reason to upload that video. I feel incredibly confident when I upload that video. It gives a boost to my energy and keeps the momentum. I am getting less conscious which is good. However, some of the videos I upload, I would not watch myself.

It does not matter how the content turns out. My focus is on removing all the barriers I will encounter. Making a video everyday pushes me to think about how I can create good content. I always think of ideas I can generate a vlog. Editing and cutting out all the unnecessary bits just becomes a habit.

I stammer big time. The process of making a video every day makes me think about how much time I will take if I stammer. Now, I am looking out to ensure I speak slowly with fewer fillers and make a script before speaking in from of the camera. Recording neatly saves a lot of time, in editing the vlogs.

My list of YouTube Mentors!

My list of YouTube Mentors!

I am a YouTuber. The YouTube Community has always lifted my spirits whenever I needed motivation. I was fortunate enough get the right video for a conflict in mind when I needed it the most.

I unsubscribed the channels that provided entertainment and numbed my brain not to act. All the channels that did not add value to my life were ruthlessly removed.

Then I handpicked those channels, individuals and YouTubers that inspired me to act and resolve my conflicts when I needed. When I open YouTube even today, there is always a video that encourages me to work.

Here is the list of Channels that have kept me motivated. They will continue to do so. You are welcome to Subscribe to them.

  1. Be Inspired – Videos that get my lazy ass to work for my self.
  2. Daily MOTIVATION – Daily dose of motivation.
  3. Evan Carmichael – Studies successful people and posts their best practices.
  4. Gaur Gopal Das – An Amazing spiritual leader with a sense of comedy. He is my absolute favourite!
  5. GaryVee – He is freaking the god of marketing according to me. He primarily inspires Entrepreneurs.
  6. Goalcast – About how to set goals and achieve them.
  7. Mensutra – He is an Indian guy who motivates. Love him. He is another reason why I started got my lazy ass to make videos.
  8. Motivation2Study – For students who want to study. I am avid learned and love to keep the momentum to study anything and everything that comes my way. Of course, I tailor how I learnt to grasp better. You can check some of my technique here ->
  9. Motivation Madness – Just resounds in your mind to keep you going no matter what.
  10. Sadhguru – Another spiritual I follow. I do the Shambhavi Mudra initiated by him, and it has never gotten me sick in the last one year. He is witty, and his preaching is practical today’s IT world.
  11. Practical Psychology – If you have some thinking confusion, this channel gives you the logic to get out of it scientifically.
  12. Freedom in Thought – Love them!
  13. CaseyNeistat – I am starting a VLOG. No one is better than Casey to get inspired by him. Here is my VLOG – Lifeaholic.
  14. ATHLEAN-X™ – My mentor for lower back pain relief.
  15. Calisthenicmovement – My mentor to get my postures right during home workouts!
  16. Casual Steven – Inspired to record VLOGS!
  17. DireStraitsVEVO – I love this band. Someday I intend to play Sultans of Swing on a Keyboard. They are the reason I practice Keyboard every day. You can see some of my practice videos on my channel. I am listening to Sultans of Swing while writing this post!
  18. Jenna Moreci – She helps me write better.
  19. Lena Danya – She is a fantastic painter and beautiful!
  20. Tim Ferriss – Love all his books and want to live life he has described in 4-Hour Work Week
  21. TheEllenShow – Needs no introduction. She inspires me to do random acts of kindness, and she is funny!
  22. The Body Coach TV – My mentor for High-Intensity Interval Training.
  23. TEDx Talks – Ideas to keep me thinking of my own. Someday I want to be on Ted Talks!
  24. Yoga With Adriene – My mentor for Yoga.
  25. Ellen Brock – My mentor for writing 🙂

Uff! There are much more, but you will have to choose them according to what you want to achieve. For example, I follow a lot of channels on Analytics and Technology. I am also a contributor here. I have a channel which helps you get faster in Excel and save a right amount of office hours spent on Excel. Fun x Excel -Please don’t forget to Subscribe!

Good Luck getting motivated!

Modern Ekalavya Learning Technique 8 – Changing learning style

Modern Ekalavya Learning Technique 8 – Changing learning style

Learning a new subject and not getting anywhere can be very frustrating. We have all been in this situation. Why do we fail to grasp a topic while others were easy to understand?

Many times a learning method cannot work for different subjects. For example, you cannot do a fitness training for a running race and expect to perform well in a game of football. Both of them have different training routines.

Different people learn by different methods. No one size fits all learning method. Various subjects could be absorbed better and faster by different ways. Learning is highly dependant on your retention and learning capacity. If you keep experimenting different styles, you may come across a method that works best for difficult subjects.

For example, when it comes to algorithms or logic, I prefer writing it down and exploring it on pen and paper. It works better than coding or practising using the laptop. I feel there are many distractions I need to fight if I use a laptop. And when it comes to book reading, I prefer writing notes for topics that I want to internalise. Other books which are easy reads, I prefer listening to them while driving to work.

You won’t get to a suitable your style quickly. However, if you learn to identify at which point your grasping capacity is reducing, you can try out a new method and experiment. With a few tries, you will quickly recognise which process works and what does not. For learning future subjects, you will know what learning methods can help you immediately understand.


Beautiful Sunsets and Sunrises

Beautiful Sunsets and Sunrises

I love capturing sunsets and sunrises as the colours are different for different locations and within similar places too.

Here are some my personal favourites.

Image location: Ecospace, Bangalore

Image location: Shiva Temple, Murudeshwar

Image location: Ooty, Bangalore

Image location: My terrace, Bangalore

Image location: My Terrace, Bangalore

Image location: View from The Junk, Similan Islands, Phuket

Click on the Similan Islands

Image location: Koramangala, Bangalore

Image location: Gokarna

Image location: Star Bazar, HSR Layout

I enjoyed writing this one as the google image search. They made it very simple for me to search “sunset” and choose the best out of them for the post.

The Joy of Giving – You cannot guess what product is endorsed in this video!

The Joy of Giving – You cannot guess what product is endorsed in this video!

Our country needs more of the attitude shown by the kids of this school. Manish is this video explains how kids get up and sweep the floor of their school. If every member of the country felt responsible for their own country, India would be a different country. Unfortunately, not many schools teach this attitude.

I did want to point out the attitude but also wanted to get your focus on the emotional marketing. Watch this video until the end to finally understand what product is endorsed in this video. I believe this is marketing done well.

Please let me know do you think?

Half your problems will be solved if you just wrote it down

Half your problems will be solved if you just wrote it down

Our brain is capable of generating 35 thoughts in an average per minute according to a Huffington Post. It means we are shifting between each thought every 2 seconds. Interestingly many of them have fabulous ideas so solve a problem in most parts of their life.  Unfortunately, our brain does a lot of hard work to generate these ideas. But. Our memory is so volatile that some of these great ideas disappear.

Our subconscious mind keeps working on a problem in the background to find solutions to problems. You may be surprised it is still solving problems we encountered during our childhood.

Since our subconscious mind is always working, we experience those Aha! Moments when our brain figures out a solution to any of our problems.

Our brain is such a beautiful part of our body. Unfortunately, it cannot store much of the ideas it generates.

What do we do then?

It’s best we start writing down all the ideas generated by the brain. It does not mean you keep writing every minute of the day. There is a proper way of doing it. If you train your mind, it will learn to act accordingly.

Before you go to bed, write down all the questions you want to be answered in a notebook(preferably date and categorised). Instead of looking at your mobile first thing in the morning, just grab your notebook and jot down whatever your mind throws out. You may not have any thoughts to note for few morning. That’s ok. Generate some ideas to kick-start the training for it to think.

By doing this daily you are training your mind to produce an output in a controlled fashion where you can capture them.

Over a period of time, this process becomes stronger. Initially, the thoughts you write might be garbage. Imagine pouring water through a dirty pipe. You cannot expect clean water exiting the pipe. You need to clean the pipe, only then will it start providing clean water. Our brain is also needs some cleaning. If you practice this habit daily the channel where these solutions are created is cleaned over a period of time.

You will then reap the benefits over two months period.

Happy solving problems!