Being true to yourself is difficult

Being true to yourself is difficult

I was always a person who never voiced his opinion or his preferences. I always used to shy away from even facing my thoughts. Not speaking out loud already caused me a lot of trouble and prevented me in telling the truth either to myself, let even others.

I stumbled upon this app called Daylio, which is an app that allows you to choose your current mood and then write a note about what you fee at that moment. You can categorize those moods in categories such as work, sleeping, exercise, dating, etc. I thought this would help me express myself in the truest form, but I failed to do it initially.

It has been 100 days since I have used this app and, now I am slowly able to express myself in the truest form. To able to talk to me without fear itself is a significant achievement! Also, to voice some of my shortcomings in a platform such as Medium is a big step to being comfortable in my own skin.

I could totally relate to the quote written by INahid – “You’re only kidding yourself when you try to be someone you’re not.”

I have been kidding myself but those days are past.



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