[Book 1/52] Purple Cow by Seth Godin

[Book 1/52] Purple Cow by Seth Godin

If only Remarkable started with a “P”.
I have only read short articles by Seth Godin, they are remarkably short, powerful and thought provoking. The purple cow can be categorised under Leadership even though Seth Godin is the Marketing Guru. Interestingly it is the first time I read his book, and it has changed my perception of the world of “Marketing”.

In this book, he introduces another P to the already existing 5 Ps of marketing. He talks about how advertisers should targeting niche segments. This form has much more impact than the traditional ways of marketing to mass. Consumers now have more information at their fingertips than before. Also, they have started to ignoring all form of traditional advertisements.

With Purple Cow, Seth Godin shows how Brands can rethink their Marketing budget and focus on creating something remarkable for their customers(called Sneezers by him) which they want to talk about to others, rather than targeting each and everyone on the earth.

The Purple Cow is a must read for anyone who is very interested in Marketing or a Customer facing role.

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