Critical aspects of life nobody teaches us

Critical aspects of life nobody teaches us

I often wonder how our education system is inadequate in teaching us some critical skills for living life. Right from when we are a child till we are old. I have listed a few skills we often need through the progression of life.

1)How not to take things for granted

While growing up, we forget the efforts and sacrifices our parents have put in to raise us. As we are growing up there is a vast gap between our world and our parents. Their efforts are often forgotten, and we start things for granted. No one is going to whisper in our ears and tell us how they sacrificed their lives just so that they could educate us. Many could argue that it is their responsibility. They did what did for in their limited scope. We should at least be thankful for that fact. In fact, I realised the underprivileged children are more grateful than children in cities. This campaign shows precisely that.

2)Understanding generation gap 

During our time the world is so different that some of our parents’ advice seems null and void. I do not mean to say that none of their guidance does work. They know us very well and how we react to a situation is best known to them. Based on this input they can guide us well. However, when it comes to out motivations of what we want to make out of life, they many times do not have a clue. They just ensure we take the safest, less risky path visible to them. I respect those parents who let their child decide how they want to make their career.


We all have been through this phase, yet no one knows whats in the store for us. Boys have a different set of problems and girls have another set of issues which I think are of much more significant intensity than guys could ever imagine. Boys do not know how to be sensitive to girls periods and behave accordingly. Girls do not know they can communicate this to their teachers, parents, and others to get timely help during their periods.

4) Encouraging the young and respecting the elderly

I see many older children taking advantage of younger kids. They win against the younger ones to boost their ego. They do not realise they are treating the generation in a way they would not want to trade positions. It’s a chicken an egg story. Nobody is willing to address this issue. Even parents. They observe but little do they know the impact of this behaviour. This attitude only shows a child’s inability to deal with failure, and they resort to weaker individuals to feel like they are winning.

Our education system fails to address the above issues and focus on how much a child can memorise. Exam target students capacity to remember a topic and write it in an exam. Educating parents about the impact of their behaviour will help teachers do their job correctly. Children will learn how to be a better person rather than dealing with actions they do not fully understand.

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