[Book 11/52] Giving Effective Feedback by HBR

[Book 11/52] Giving Effective Feedback by HBR

A quick read and it gives concise actions which can be implemented immediately.

There is a real science on how we can provide a feedback and why should we differentiate it from Coaching, Mentoring and Performance Appraisals. Quite often we tend to mix them.

Top things that a worth mentioning from my perspective are:

  1.   I assumed that the other person cannot take feedback. If you are doing it right, even the most defensive person could handle it.
  2. Timing is critical for giving feedback. Best time is when the other person has cooled down. The cooling period gives you time to structure your feedback with valid points.
  3. We should not assume and provide feedback but rather questions and hear the person’s perspective.
  4. Giving a feedback or receiving one is behavioural change. It cannot happen without an environment created. If you want an environment that encourages feedback, start by accepting feedback openly.

Feedback is most effective when we focus on the behaviour that the recipient can change and its delivery is timed.

You can read this book within 20 minutes.

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