HIIT Home Workout for beginners – Week1

HIIT Home Workout for beginners – Week1

After a minor injury on my lower back, I decided to work on building my body strength. Of course I don’t want to bulk up. I just want an agile body and ensure I do not fall prey to minor injuries because I am not fit.

A few months back I started working out everyday and it’s feels great to maintain the consistency. To take it to the next level, it’s high I bring structure to what I do and hence this 90 day challenge of #thebodycoach HIIT Home Workout for beginners.

This workout begins with a few warm up exercises and moves on to 4 work outs in the following order:

  1. Running with high knees
  2. Burpees
  3. Power Squats
  4. Mountain climbers

Day 1 was difficult, I could do only 3 circuits. Each requires a 30 seconds of work, followed by 30 seconds rest. For the first circuit I was able to do it but for the next 2 circuits it became difficult, so I ended up resting for 45 seconds for the next 2 circuits.

Goal: 5 Circuits with 30 seconds work, followed by 30 seconds.

I will write my journey of the challenge every week and hope I complete it.

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This is the video showing how it’s done in case you want to take up the challenge.



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