[Book 8/52] How to Stop Worrying and Start Living – Review

[Book 8/52] How to Stop Worrying and Start Living – Review

All my life I have been worried about many aspects of my life and that has probably caused a steady hair fall.

We can find many friends who have always advised us not to worry. The fact is neither they nor us know how to stop worrying. It’s not a like a switch where you can switch Off the worry Button. Of course there those who have mastered it but there a lot many who think they have mastery over it. I being one if them.

This book has been a pivotal point in my life, which not bring the hair I lost or the lines on my forehead. But from now on I can confidently express myself and be carefree. Dale Carnegie has done a Fabulous job in explaining how not to worry and has illustrated many methods, out of which we can adopt few.

While reading this book, you might feel this is common sense, but it’s not as easy to apply as it may seem. For anyone who is thinking to read this book, please hand in there till the last page of the book.

Who should read this book? If you think you are a person who victimises himself or herself and constantly dwells over the last or is obsessed with some situation that you have no control over. How to stop worrying and start living is a book for you.

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living has changed my life and will go into the section of my favourite reads.

You can find the book here on Goodreads.



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