[Book 13/52] Managing Up by HBR

[Book 13/52] Managing Up by HBR

Navigating negotiations and handling disagreements has always been a difficult task for me. I guess its more to do with my personality type which has a lot of empathy.

Post reading Managing Up I realised that there are simpler ways to handle negotiations and express disagreements.

It all boils down to knowing your Boss and his priorities. Knowing you organisational goals while speaking to your Boss can always take discussions in a proper direction. Setting your expectations and having a detailed understanding of what you must deliver, helps you align with your Boss.

Managing Up gives you tips which can be used to communicate disagreements effectively. Also, making the conversations more “we” centric than “you” centric changes the way we communicate.

I liked the last chapter which is about monitoring the relationships. It has ten questions which can be used to review the state of your relationship with you Boss. It helps you take immediate corrective actions.

It also gives a scenario on what should you do if you are dealing with a toxic Boss.

You can read this book within 20 minutes.

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