Moonlight Kiss

Moonlight Kiss

We slept on the water tank of our apartment watching the bright moonlight. We slept for hours gazing at the moon and the sky becoming more beautiful. My hands slightly brushed against her arms and I wished I could do more than just touch her arms. I could not just do it. It was a special night, and there seemed a sense of urgency to grab her hair softly and kiss her.

After hours of gazing the moon, I got up and sat down while she still staring at the sky. I looked at her as she lay comfortably and watching the moon. I could see a white line of reflection on her lips, and her shiny hair spread on the tank. It was an incredible delight to experience and get lost. She just lay there still, and I just did not want to disturb her. I looked away for a while, and a few minutes later I could feel her soft hands sliding on my chest. She went slow and then hugged me tightly. It felt comfortable. I slowly ran few of my fingers on her right arm and held her shoulders firmly and pulled in front of me. It was gentle move, and I was surprised at what I did myself. She hugged me again from the front, and I was now breathing warmly on her neck. I softly kissed her on the neck and continued to do so till I reached her cheek bone. There was a pause with our lips close to each other. We both looked into each other’s eyes, and suddenly she just closed her eyes for a moment and leaned in. I could feel her soft lips on mine, and there was no going back.

The experience was a memorable kiss, a moonlight kiss.



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