My experience of the best ever Uber ride in Delhi!

My experience of the best ever Uber ride in Delhi!

We have come across a few posts/articles going viral about the harrowing experience with certain Uber drivers in Delhi. Although we cannot deny these horrifying behaviours, we should also take a chance to highlight the good Uber drivers.

On 23rd April 2017,  I got an opportunity to experience how friendly few of the Uber drivers are in Delhi. I was fortunate to meet Shobha who I feel is one of those finest Uber drivers.

Shobha was 15 minutes away from the pick location I had chosen. So, I called him and asked him whether he was going to honour the trip. He replied by saying if I would not mind waiting for 15 minutes, he would honour it. Since I had time in hand, I did not mind waiting and gave him the exact number of which house I was visiting. For some reason, the location on the map could not lead him directly to the pickup location. In my experience, many times few of the drivers call me multiple times till they find my pick up location. To my surprise, Shobha found the pickup location by asking a nearby laundry shop.

When I sat in the car, he offered me mobile charging wire, and it helped me, as my battery was down. He also had the courtesy to ask me flight timings and promised me to take me there on time. He claimed he never faltered on time. He drove according to the passenger’s destination in mind and the time in which they had to reach there.

Shobha owned a neatly maintained Maruthi Suzuki Wagon R. It took him few minutes to strike a conversation. He spoke asked about me and talked about his family.

He had a happy family until a few unfortunate events devastated them. Three of siblings of Shobha’s father died in the same year. His grandmother was killed fighting a robbery that took place in their house the same year. Shobha’s grandfather did not want his 4th son to die, so he tore his father’s army selection papers. Shobha’s father was the only bread earner. Shobha himself also was under pressure to earn quickly and start supporting his family.

Shobha is fond of his mother, and he mentioned that he never disobeys his mother as she once punished him when he gambled by playing marbles. Post which he has never dared to make any mistake. He always speaks the truth to his mother, however, difficult it may be. He visits and sends his mother some money every month.

In Delhi he stays with his wife and two children; one of them is three years old, and the other is six years old who joined the school. He says the six-year-old is very demanding and a very curious mind.

By this time we were speaking openly which when he took a pause and offered me a small gift. It was a coupon with Rs. 50 off on my next Uber drive. He told he gave this to people who he connected by heart(Jinke saath dil ka rishta ban jata hai).

I asked about which movie he watches. He told me that he never saw a movie in his whole lifetime. I did advise him to take his family once to a movie. Hoping he does go to a movie with them.

Time and again he has an update of where we were and how much time we had left to reach the airport. When I reached the airport, he has the courtesy to ask me, if the ride was good and if there was any inconvenience he caused me.

In my mind, with the chat I had with him, he had lifted my mood with an entirely engaging conversation about his family members and how he became the strength of the household when his father died.

For me, this was an Above and Beyond Uber ride. You do not need a lot to make to provide a super Uber drive. It just takes small gestures like Shobha and his effort to put 100% to making his customers smile. When I left I took a selfie with him and offered him a few chocolates for his children. The smile Shobha gave was priceless.

For the reputation Uber carries in Delhi, it’s time to show the world that heroes like this also exist.

If you are in Delhi and happen to meet Shobha, please share him my sincere Gratitude and do talk to him. He is super engaging.



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