One bad habit you must stop immediately!

One bad habit you must stop immediately!

We all have many bad habits. Some of them we don’t even realise are impacting us drastically.

What is this habit?

When you get up in the morning, the first thing many of us often do is to check all the notifications. What we don’t realise is that we are checking a list of items we missed yesterday.

So what?

When we keep this habit for long, it keeps us always in a hurry and keeps us away from thinking clearly on what we can accomplish to be productive.

Eight months back checking the mobile was the first thing I did. First of all, I lost my peace of mind when I got up. Then I used to quickly reply to the unfinished conversation on Facebook, WhatsApp, emails and various other forms of social media. All the unnecessary notifications triggered a thought process which sucked out all my energy. I thought of what I could have replied, how should I accomplish the task. How could I say No to a request? The list goes on.

I was totally imbalanced the first thing I got up in the morning. I used to crave for a nice cup of coffee to begin my day. My amount of will power I had reserved for the day was cut out by a significant percentage. I was left with little willpower to tackle the whole day. I was unproductive during the working days and felt I deserved my weekends to relax and enjoy.

I had kept my weekends for working on my personal projects and my YouTube Channel. All the relaxing stressed me out and made me feel terrible that I could not work for myself.

How I realised I need to stop this bad habit?

I became aware of this stupid habit after reading a few chapters of Robin Sharma’s book The Monk who sold his Ferrari. He spoke about morning rituals and gave the metaphor of garden creeps and how they clouded our judgement. I acted immediately on this and was determined to stop this habit. For many, this may not be as easy at it sounds. We fall back to our old habits as soon as we get a chance. We must ask ourselves one question before even we try and stop a sneaky habit.


I asked myself this question time and again till I got an answer.

The answer?

I wanted to make time for my personal projects. Working for myself gave me an immense sense of accomplishment and happiness.  It fueled me to take up other challenges in life. And how can give this satisfaction I get from doing the things I like.

I have my Why, now how do I stop this habit?

I started keeping my phone away from where I slept and kept it on silent mode. That way I could never get a chance to check my phone the first thing in the morning. It was hard to resist as I ended up checking the phone unknowingly. I behaved like a zombie walking towards my phone. One week later, I stopped being a zombie and stopped checking my phone. No more cravings. I continued for ten weeks without checking my phone first thing in the morning. I also started using an actual alarm instead of using my phone.

I also uninstalled Facebook and other apps that just threw yet another notification I did not need in my life. I started calling my friends instead of WhatApping them. During urgency I used SMS.

Could I sustain this habit eight months later?

Absolutely. Now I don’t have the need to check my phone. I limited my usage of social media drastically. I have over 7000 unread WhatsApp messages. Since I do not have Facebook App on my mobile, I cut down all the time I used to spend scrolling endlessly. I have also stopped drinking coffee.

The Results

  1. I had more time in hand
  2. I created better morning rituals
  3. I have time for exercising
  4. I get more things in a day than I used to
  5. Less stress
  6. I can plan my weekdays and weekends better
  7. More present to the conversation I having with a person in front of me

There are more benefits of stopping this habit. You will realise this when you stop doing this yourself.

I invite you to stop this habit immediately. Let me know how it helped you. 🙂

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