One Sided Love

One Sided Love

I have seen many of friends fall in love, make girlfriends, break up over silly reasons, sacrifice, change to something you are not, and the list can go on. Now the way I see love is very simple and I termed it “One Sided Love” (OSL).

The way OSL works is that you love somebody so much that you own the whole responsibility of that love to work; no matter what happens your Love should not diminish just because she/he did something stupid. We are human, and it is but a human tendency to do stuff that is unexceptionable. Let’s take in context Mother’s Love; no matter what you tell your mom or how you treat her, mothers love is so pure that she can ignore all those irritating stuff and care for you.

We have a choice to love, and we need to make it so compelling that no simple activity can break it.

I am quite confident that One Sided Love is always larger than life.

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One sided Love




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