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[18/52] Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy

[18/52] Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy

It is said that you need to have an inclination to Spirituality willingly then you become aware of its presence. Sadhguru’s book has been pivotal for my Spiritual growth, and I think it is going to remain forever ingrained within me. The knowledge I got from this book has intensified my determination to continue my Spiritual Journey and practise it daily.

I knew I was always a Spiritual person and this book heightened the belief I have. Of course, there are talks about Spirituality being some mumbo jumbo thing, but there is more science to it than we can even Imagine.

I was always skeptic of why I got angry or even reacted to a particular situation or a person.  I realised that anger is unintelligent and dealing with it has become much simpler.

The belief I had in Yoga has deepened, and I now know, why this age old science is so much relevant even today. Simple practices if done properly can benefit you immediately. If simple poses can do this, imagine the magnitude it can impact if you practise daily and cover at minimum the beginner poses. I have started practising Yoga from my childhood, but I was doing it without a purpose, and I lost touch with it as I grew. Now I know the “Why” of Yoga.

Bowing down to elders was always a mystery to me, I always did it without much thought as I felt right doing it. Now it does shatter some of the modern belief systems, but this simple practice has a much deeper meaning than I thought. Bowing down is an indicator of the arrogance we have within ourselves. We can find many things much more intelligent than us as Human beings in general. When we bow down, we are just humble to the greater intelligence that exists that we are not aware. Of course bowing down is a symbolic gesture but you bow down to anything living or non-living and still be humble.

“Your joy, your misery, your love, your agony, your bliss, lies in your hands. There is a way out. And the way out is in.  ”

– Sadhguru

You must read this book if you want to strengthen your Spiritual Journey.

You can find it on Goodreads here.


Waking up to her messy beauty

Waking up to her messy beauty

What kind of partner do you want?

A question two of my friends have asked me, and I was convincingly able to give the same answer to both of them without hesitation. I can think many different ways to describe what I want in a partner. But it all comes down one thing – peacefully getting up to her messy beauty in the morning.

The real measure of women’s beauty is when she wakes up messy in the morning, and you never get bored of seeing her that way.

I believe in an idea where I am excited to return home. The feeling of being excited is what defines the pure essence of calling something home. You don’t want to get back to just to argue over something silly and trivial. You know you are living that relationship when you feel like kissing her forehead every morning. The messy beauty grows stronger by the day, and a beautiful, compassionate love is born. Passionate love can last a couple of years, but compassionate love grows over time.

Of course, I cannot say there is not a relation that can survive without few fights and arguments. For this, we have to deconstruct and bring out the two different mindsets. Fixed mindset is where either of the partners in a relationship has the little amount of Self-Awareness. Their attempt is to focus their energy on correcting habits which are of little importance in a relation. This kind of mindset creates some friction and curbs your excitement to reach home.

Growth mindset on the other is different. It’s a much better umbrella to have those fights and arguments. You do not feel irritated; there is no frustration in doing other tasks or even working. Each of the partners provides enough space for each other to be themselves and understand the importance of individual time.


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